Spring into Freebies Giveaway ~ N. N. Light’s Book Heaven


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Spring has arrived, and N. N. Light’s got spring fever. It could be all the flowers in bloom or the birds singing in the trees, but whatever the case, you can enter to win some amazing prizes, including a few new releases, autographed print books by bestselling and award-winning authors, an audiobook code, e-books galore, and an Amazon gift card. I’m one of the authors participating, and you could win an e-book copy of my medieval romance, Flight of the Raven.

Hurry and hop like a bunny over to N. N. Light’s Book Heaven! If there’s a particular book or prize you’d like to win, be sure to say which one when you enter via Rafflecopter. Enter below and good luck!

Spring into Freebies Giveaway: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/92db775054

Literary Giveaway Portal:  https://www.nnlightsbookheaven.com/literary-giveaway-portal



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Calling all readers! Spring has sprung, and you’re all invited to N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Spring Break Bookapalooza. 31 books featured plus a chance to win one of the following:

~ $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

~ $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

~ $25 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

~ $15 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

~ $10 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

I’m thrilled to be a part of this event. My time travel romance, Night of the Owl, will be featured on April 10. I even talk about where I’d go on spring break if money were no option and there wasn’t a pandemic sweeping the world. Speaking of which, I hope you’re staying safe, well, and sane during this surreal time.

Bookmark this get-together and tell your friends:


Enter the giveaway here.  Good luck!

Free Audiobooks!


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Love audiobooks?  How about FREE audiobooks?  If your response was “Yes, please!” then this event is for you:  a selection of over 30 audio gems in the genres of romance, suspense, and paranormal — FREE for listeners willing to review!  Audiobooks are the perfect complement for walking, gardening, spring cleaning, or just putting your feet up and getting lost in a suspenseful or heartwarming story during these difficult times.

Four of my books are featured in this audiobook fair:  Flight of the Raven, Soul of the Wolf, Shadow of the Swan, and The Cauldron Stirred. 

The fair is now live through April 30.  Request the titles you’d like to review on Story Origin (free account needed) by following this link.  Happy Listening!

THE SWORD UNSHEATHED ~ Release Date and a Sneak Peek Inside


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My publisher finally gave me a release date for The Sword Unsheathed, the third book in my Guardians of Erin young adult paranormal fantasy series.  June 1, 2020 is the big day, which also happens to be the date when Return of the Raven (the fifth and final book in The Novels of Ravenwood series) is due to my editor.

Here’s a sneak peek between the pages of The Sword Unsheathed.  Hope you enjoy it!

That night found me hovering above a massive, semicircular prehistoric fort at the edge of a cliff roughly 300 feet above the swish and swoosh of the ocean. Three concentric, terraced stone walls enclosed it, and beyond the third ring, an army of jagged stone slabs stood vigil. A large, tan tent dominated the innermost enclosure.

The all-encompassing twilight was telling, as were my bare feet and blue satin nightshirt, which I’d worn to bed. I was in the Otherworld, courtesy of an astral trip. But where exactly?

I had to know.

Determined, I floated to the ground in front of the tent’s entrance. A curious sense of déjà vu washed over me, and every inch of my flesh tingled with a hidden memory.

I’ve been here before. I’m sure of it.

I entered the tent, and a plush Persian carpet cushioned my feet as I explored. Sumptuous in texture and color, the interior seemed strangely familiar. There were silks, satins, and velvets in shades of gold, burgundy, ruby red, dark blue, and emerald green. Curtains, cushions, and pillows aplenty. Spherical, perforated hanging lanterns. There was even a Moroccan tray table of polished brass decorated with an arabesque pattern; atop it sat two crystal glasses and a matching decanter filled with brown liquid, as well as a compote containing what appeared to be cocoa-dusted chocolate truffles.

“I could get used to this,” I said aloud.

“Could you?”

I jumped, then whirled around. Lorcan stood an arm’s length away. As always, he wore his black, Regency Era greatcoat, breeches, and riding boots. A question, deeper than the one he’d asked, glowed in his ice blue eyes.

I trembled.

His eyes darkened. “Are you cold?”

“No. Are you?” A heartbeat after I spoke, I cringed inwardly. What a stupid reply!

He shook his head. Glossy black hair swayed, teasing his broad shoulders. “Not particularly.” A smile tugged at his full, sensuous lips as he gestured to the table. “Chocolate? Cognac?”

I clenched my fists, steeling myself against his charms. “No, thank you, and you can wipe that smile off your face. How can I trust you after what happened Christmas Eve?”

“What do you mean?”

“You left me alone in Aoife’s castle. Where did you disappear to?”

He blinked, and for a moment, his long eyelashes stole my focus. “Ashling, you know I went to investigate the noise we heard.”

“And never came back.”

“I did come back.”

“Really?” I tilted my head to the side. “Funny that I didn’t see you. Aoife said you brought me to her, like some kind of warped Christmas present or—”

“Aoife lies.”

“I’m sure she does, but she also spoke a lot of truth. Are you still working for her?”

“How can you ask that?”


He sighed: a sound of impatience and annoyance, both of which I, too, had felt over the past few months. “As I told you before, when I met Caer—you—I left Aoife and planned to live the rest of my days in the Middleworld…here, with you. Then you disappeared on me.”

“So Christmas Eve was payback for something I did centuries ago?”

“It wasn’t. By the time I returned to the dungeon, you were gone. Then I sensed you were in danger. Of course, Aengus did too, and I arrived just in time to watch him save the day.” A shadow crossed his features.

I’d seen that look before, whenever he compared himself to Aengus. Sympathy surged within me, but I expelled it with a huff. “Why didn’t you come and tell me all this before?”

“I didn’t think you’d listen. I knew Aengus would poison your ears with lies about me. How can I compete with such a paragon?” He twisted his lips, and a hint of humor restored light to his face. “Perhaps if I wore only my long drawers.”

“Your what?”

“I believe you’d call them underwear.”

The image of a bare-chested Lorcan flashed in my mind and set my pulse racing. “No. Clothes are a good thing.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Are they? Still, my attire is outdated.”

I shrugged. “A little.”

He furrowed his brow, then it smoothened. “I’ve got it.” Before my eyes, his clothing morphed into black jeans and a black T-shirt. “Better?”

Holy hell, he was sexy! Unfortunately, his new look emphasized the toned physique I’d only imagined till then.

I swallowed hard. “I don’t care what you wear.” It was true. He could dress in Super Mario footie pajamas, and I’d still think he was hot.

“Don’t you?” He inched toward me.

I took two steps back. “I…I wanted to ask…where are we? This place seems so familiar.”

“It should.” His eyes smoldered. “We made love here.”

My stomach dropped, and I fumbled for a reply. “You and Caer, you mean. How long were you together?”

“One perfect night.”

“That’s it?”

He stepped closer. “Even one moment of bliss can feel like an eternity. Caer and I created a heaven of our own. All. Night. Long.”

Dear God. I cleared my throat. “So you live here?”

“Ah. We’re going to have a safe conversation.”

“Yup…if you want me to stay.”

“I do, and yes, I live here. This is Dun Aengus on the isle of Inishmore. Once upon a time, it was Aengus’s home, hence the name which means ‘fort of Aengus,’ but he abandoned it. I’ll admit, I felt a perverse pleasure when I claimed it as my own.”

Doubt and distrust gnawed at me, and I frowned. “Did you feel the same way when you took Caer away from him?”

“That was different.”


He reached for my hand and enfolded it with both of his. Everywhere his flesh touched mine, a subtle vibration took hold. “I wanted you more than anything else in the Otherworld, or any world. I still want you.”

“I’m with Aengus now.”

“But you were once with me.”

“I don’t even remember that.”

His gaze held mine. “Your soul remembers. It went looking for me tonight. That’s why you’re here.”

My heart raced. My hand tingled. The tent and all its luxuries seemed to close in around me. How easy it would be to lose myself in sensation and…

To be continued!  I’ll let you know when the book is available for preorder.  Happy Sunday!  🙂

Cover Reveal ~ ROOT BREW FLOAT by Sydney Winward


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Here’s the cover for another sister Rose’s (published by The Wild Rose Press) upcoming release, Root Brew Float.  I love it!

Like Peggy Jaeger’s next book, Vanilla with a Twist, Root Brew Float is part of our publisher’s summer series, One Scoop or Two.  I don’t know about you, but these covers are making me hungry for ice cream.  And I’m partial to root beer floats!  Here’s the story:

Josephine Brevil has lived hundreds of years haunted by the horrors she experienced during the Salem Witch Trials. She takes great care to hide her powers, though serving a Root Brew Float laced with a magic potion now and again never hurt anybody. The Order sends her to Massachusetts to deal with a paranormal threat, and she meets the young and handsome widower, Clarence Watts. However, being with him comes with a choice. How can she choose between the man she loves and the magic she holds dear?

Connect with Sydney Winward:

Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Amazon Page ~ Goodreads ~ Bookbub

The book is set to release on May 18, 2020.  Best of luck with it, Sydney!  🙂

Booklovers’ Pot o’ Gold Event ~ THE STONE AWAKENED


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HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!  If you love Ireland as much as I do, you might want to check in with the Booklovers’ Pot o’ Gold Event on N. N. Light’s Book Heaven, where several novels showcasing the Emerald Isle await.  My second young adult book, The Stone Awakened, is one of them.  Read an excerpt and see why it and the other featured books are must-reads for those smitten with Ireland.


Remember to enter the giveaway.  You might win an e-book bundle of all 17 books featured in the event!  The winner’s name will be drawn on March 23, 2020.  Good luck, and have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day.

Booklovers’ Pot o’ Gold Event ~ N. N. Light’s Book Heaven


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N. N. Light’s Book Heaven has cooked up a special giveaway in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Over the next few days, they’re featuring 17 books which feature–or take place in–Ireland.  The Stone Awakened (the second book in my young adult paranormal fantasy series, Guardians of Erin) will be spotlighted on St. Patrick’s Day itself.

One lucky winner will win all 17 books featured.  Visit the event here!

Open internationally.

Runs March 13 – 17, 2020.

Winner will be drawn on March 23, 2020.

Enter to win here.  May the luck of the Irish smile upon you!

Cover Reveal ~ VANILLA WITH A TWIST by Peggy Jaeger


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Today, one of my sister Roses (published by The Wild Rose Press) is revealing the cover of her upcoming release, Vanilla with a Twist.  It’ll be part of our publisher’s summer series, One Scoop or Two.  Isn’t it cute?  Here’s the scoop (pun intended!):

Tandy Blakemore spends her days running her New England ice cream parlor, single-parenting her teenage son, and trying to keep her head above financial water. No easy feat when the shop’s machinery is aging and her son is thinking about college. Tandy hasn’t had a day off in a decade and wonders if she’ll ever be able to live a worry-free life.

Engineer Deacon Withers is on an enforced vacation in the tiny seaside town of Beacher’s Cove. Overworked, stressed, and lonely, he walks into Tandy’s shop for a midday ice cream cone and gets embroiled in helping her fix a broken piece of equipment.

Can the budding friendship that follows lead to something everlasting?

Sounds like a great summer read!  Visit Peggy’s blog here for more info.

NIGHT OF THE OWL on Netgalley


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My award-nominated time travel romance, Night of the Owl, is now available on Netgalley.  If any of you are Netgalley readers, check it out here!

Also, there’s still time to enter my Facebook giveaway, with a chance to win a signed copy of either The Cauldron Stirred or The Stone Awakened, the first two books in my award-winning YA paranormal fantasy series.  Enter here!

I’ll have the release date for the third book in the series, The Sword Unsheathed, soon.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Well, that’s all for now.  Happy Thursday!  🙂

Cover Reveal and Giveaway ~ THE SWORD UNSHEATHED


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I’m excited to reveal the cover for my upcoming young adult paranormal fantasy, The Sword Unsheathed!  What do you think?  The location on the cover is important to the continuing story because important scenes in this book and the next occur there.  Can you guess where it is?

I’m doing a giveaway on Facebook (open to US followers only).  Comment on the cover reveal post–telling me your guess of the location–and you could win a signed copy of either the first or second book (The Cauldron Stirred or The Stone Awakened) in the series.  Your choice!  The giveaway is open until 11:59 pm EST tomorrow (March 5).  Enter here and good luck!

In the meantime, here’s the scoop on The Sword Unsheathed:

Ashling Donoghue is no closer to finding her parents than she was the night they disappeared. But hope returns as her brother Kian channels the Sword of Light, revealing past-life secrets and truths long suppressed.

The more she learns, the greater she fears the darkness that drowns the Netherworld also drives her. Is Aengus her true love, or is it Lorcan? Does her future wait in shadow or the light?

One point is clear: the threads of her past-self are woven inextricably into the tapestry of her soul. An impossible choice looms before her, and all the while, evil is poised to strike.

I finished my read-through of the final galley yesterday and turned it in to my editor.  We should have a release date soon.

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday!  🙂