Interviews, Articles, and Guest Blogs

USA Today bestselling author Ruth A. Casie hosted me on her blog, where I shared why I love writing medieval romance.  Read the post here:        

The talented and prolific author Mary Morgan interviewed me!  Check it out here:

Here’s my guest blog post for Long and Short Reviews’ Winter Blogfest 2016:

Here’s my author interview about My Conversations with Angels on my publisher’s website:

Here are two articles I wrote for The Llewellyn Journal

Here’s a blog post on Llewellyn’s website:


2 thoughts on “Interviews, Articles, and Guest Blogs”

  1. Hi Judith–
    I just began reading, Past Lives Present Stories…and due to both a flash I’ve had as I’ve been writing a book that now know is a past life, and a premonition I had right before I read about your life in 17th Century England…I think you taught me some witchcraft in that life. My name was Isobel then. If there’s any chance that you personally check comments on here, I’d really love to talk.

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