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The Spear Alight, the final book in my Guardians of Erin series, is now available for preorder! The release of this book will be bittersweet. I’ll truly miss the characters and their adventures in Ireland. But you can still tag along and see how it all ends. Here’s the story:

Ashling Donoghue has almost lost hope of finding her missing parents. As her faith wanes, her love for two men waxes, rending her heart and causing friction in the Breasal household. The time has come to make a choice, to create a future untarnished by doubt. But how can she embrace the light when lured by the soft seduction of shadow? 

At last, her brother Conall channels the Spear of Illumination. He’s a natural shapeshifter, and he sees through illusions in both the material world and the Otherworld…not a moment too soon. An ancient evil has surfaced, and it threatens all worlds.

Only the Donoghues can save Ireland. They must face their greatest fears and act as one to fulfill their destinies as guardians of Erin.

A peek between the pages:

            All aspiration toward sleep left me. I needed company. Now.


            Bad idea. Far worse than waking up my sister. But he wouldn’t judge. In fact, he’d probably be glad to see me. Me, Ashling Donoghue, pariah and maven of mistakes. I’d made a million of them. What was one more?

            I imagined the interior of Lorcan’s tent at Dun Aengus on Inishmore. Then I flexed my will and was there, surrounded by rich colors, sumptuous fabrics, and perforated hanging lanterns. The intricately patterned Persian carpet felt soft and soothing to my bare feet.

            Was he in bed? There was one safe way to find out. “Lorcan? Are you here?”

            “Ashling?” His silken voice, warm and rousing, flowed from the bedroom and washed over me.

            “Yes. It’s me.”

            A heartbeat later, he appeared between the drawn, red curtains that separated his bed from the main section of the tent. He wore a black velvet dressing gown and an expression of mingled surprise and pleasure. With relaxed strides, he closed the gap between us. “You’re the last person I expected to see tonight.” His heated gaze roamed over me.

            Too late, I realized I was wearing a thin, white night shirt that refused to cover anything below my upper thighs. I grabbed the hem on both sides and pulled downward…in vain. “I never planned to come.”

            “Why did you?” His shoulder-length black hair looked as luxurious as his robe. I stifled the urge to touch both.

            “I needed a friend.”

            “Haven’t we traveled beyond the bounds of friendship?”

            My stomach trembled at the memory of our passionate kiss. Stop it! I huffed. “That never should’ve happened.”

            “But it did, because it had to.” His ice blue eyes held my gaze. “You belong to me. We belong to each other.”

            “Aengus would disagree.”

            “If he were here, but he isn’t.” He reached for my left hand and turned it over. Gently, he caressed my palm with the pad of his thumb.

            “You have an answer for everything, don’t you?” My palm tingled.

            “You are the answer. Nothing and no one else.”

Preorder the book:

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I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Incredibly, we have less than a month to go before the release! 🙂