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Welcome to the final Medieval Monday of our current round. Hard to believe it’s coming to a close! To find links to the other participating authors’ excerpts, visit the Medieval Romance Lovers Facebook page here. (#MedMonFall20)

When we left Constance and Robert last week, she was testing the waters. They’ve spoken about lovemaking in the past, but now she’s asking for more particulars, trying to determine whether or not he still desires her. See what you think after reading this twelfth and final snippet:

            She sipped her wine, then placed the cup on the table.  “Remind me, if you would.”

            He shifted in his seat.  “I told you where I’d put my mouth.”

            “I recall it now.  You said every inch of me, even…”  Heat raced through her body.  “But you exaggerate.  Kissing every inch would take all night.  There must be areas you would focus on.”

            “Constance, what are you about?  Is this mere curiosity or something more?”

            “Perhaps both.”  Her cheeks burned.

            He sipped his wine, but his gray eyes smoldered above the rim of the cup.

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In related news, Return of the Raven–the fifth and final book in The Novels of Ravenwood series–is moving swiftly toward publication. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks so much for following along for this round of Medieval Monday. We’ll be back with another themed excerpt soon. Until then, I want to wish everyone a joyous holiday season. Take care and enjoy!  🙂