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Welcome back to Medieval Monday!  Our nature theme continues, and I’m delighted to feature Kelley Heckart’s Arthurian romance, White Rose of Avalon.  It was inspired by The Mists of Avalon, a book I enjoyed so much that I read it in English and Swedish!

If you’re following my excerpt from Night of the Owl, you can find the tenth snippet on Kelley’s blog today.  Now, let’s enjoy her tenth snippet:

Sighing, she lay down, closing her eyes, thinking of Lancelot. She missed his fiery touch. Melancholy weighed on her heart.

A large shadow blocked the sun.

“You are a fine sight to see, my dark beauty.”

Check out the ending to this excerpt on her blog next Monday: https://kelleysrealm.blogspot.com/

A little more about White Rose of Avalon:

Do you like captivating, passionate historical fantasy featuring King Arthur, Gwenhwyfar, Merlin, Nimue, Morgaine, and Lancelot? Inspired by The Mists of Avalon, this sensual retelling of the Arthurian romances brings these legendary characters to life.

Destiny cannot be altered.

With Britannia falling to the Saxon hordes, Morgaine, Queen of the Faeries, has no choice but to make a pact with the Christian monks. She promises to give them a High King who will unite the Britons against the Saxons if he takes a queen from the faery realm. Morgaine hopes this will restore the Goddess faith and return Avalon to its rightful place. She sends Lancelot to guard the future High King, but when a love potion falls into the wrong hands, all seems lost.

Gwenhwyfar is the only hope for the future, but betrayal, revenge, and forbidden love surround her, all of which could send both Britannia and Avalon into ruins.

Buy the book:

Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback

Also available in KU

That’s all for this Medieval Monday!  Join me next week for the conclusion of not only our nature theme round but also my excerpt from Night of the Owl.  See you then!  🙂