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A few weeks ago, author Stephen B. King–a brother Rose (published by The Wild Rose Press) in Australia–had a brilliant idea.  He contacted our CEO and reached out to his fellow authors with a plan to create an anthology of short stories, specifically to raise money to help Australia in its time of need.  The response was overwhelming!  The Wild Rose Press’s editors, artists, and production staff donated their time and talents, and more than 40 authors donated a short story. (I wanted to donate one, but sadly, I had nothing of the appropriate length ready to go.)

Now, less than a month later, there’s a three-volume anthology, Australia Burns.  Volumes One and Two are available for purchase as eBooks on Amazon and will soon be available from other online distributors. You can also buy them in print from The Wild Rose Press website.  Amazon will, of course, take its cut, but if you buy the books directly from the publisher, all proceeds will go to The Red Cross to help with the recovery effort in Australia.  So let’s show Australia some love!