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Today is my favorite holiday: Halloween!  It’ll be a busy one, too, despite the rain.  I’m working all day at The Witch House, the 17th-century home of one of the 9 judges during the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.  All month long, tourists have been asking me if there’s paranormal activity in the house (80% of which is original to 1675).  I’ve experienced quite a bit in the house…all good stuff, though.

Last October, I wrote a blog post about some of my experiences and one of the spirits I believe visits from time to time.  Since I wrote the post, many events have occurred to reconfirm what I wrote again and again.  If you’re new to my blog, click here to read that original post.

Time to get this day started.  The Joseph Vargo art above really sets the mood, doesn’t it?  Wishing you a safe, fun, and spooky Halloween!  🙂