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Welcome back to Medieval Monday! Today, I’m sharing the final snippet of my “Bad Guy” excerpt.  Hard to believe this round of Medieval Monday is almost over!

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In last week’s snippet, Father Cedric of Ravenwood arrived on the scene just in time to cut short Archdeacon Dominy’s intimidation of Lady Constance.  Here’s what happens next:

            Constance held her breath.  Dominy threw her a scornful look over his shoulder, then left without another word.  As if on cue, the sun shone through the window, and the chapel brightened.

            She could breathe again.  “Thank you…Father Cedric, is it?”

            The priest nodded.  “And you’re Lady Constance.  Lady Ravenwood informed me of your arrival.  Do forgive my cousin.  He can be…difficult.”

            You’ve no idea how difficult!  “Did he tell you why he’s here?”

            “Given our history, I expect he came to gloat about his recent elevation to the archdeaconship.”

            “How long will he stay?”

            Depression overtook Cedric’s features.  “Through St. John’s Eve.”

            “But that’s more than a month away!”

             He shrugged.  “Apparently, he wants to grace us with his presence on the feast day. But let’s not dwell on our trials.  ’Tis quite fine out, and the orchard is in full bloom.  Would your ladyship accompany me thither?”

            The priest was a kind soul, through and through.  She could sense it.

            “I’d be happy to, Father.”

Constance has escaped the archdeacon’s clutches…for now.  But as I’m sure you’ve guessed, Dominy has a lot more up his proverbial sleeve.

A little more about Shadow of the Swan:

Lady Constance de Bret was determined to be a nun, until shadows from the past eclipsed her present. Marriage is the safest option, but she insists on a spiritual union, in which physical intimacy is forbidden. Not so easy with a bridegroom who wields unparalleled charm! But a long-buried secret could taint his affection and cloak her in shadow forever.

Back from the Crusades, Sir Robert le Donjon craves a home of his own and children to inherit it. From the moment he meets Constance, he feels a mysterious bond between them. When she’s threatened, he vows to protect her and agrees to the spiritual marriage, with the hope of one day persuading her to enjoy a “real” one. She captivates him but opens old wounds and challenges everything he thought he believed.

Two souls in need of healing. Two hearts destined to beat as one.

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Thanks for joining me for this round of Medieval Monday.  Be sure to comment below, and check in next week to see if you’re the winner!