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Welcome back to Medieval Monday!  I’m excited to have the lovely Lane McFarland here today!  We’re featuring To Support a King, part of The Turnberry Legacy Series.

If you’re following my excerpt from Shadow of the Swan, you can find the sixth snippet of Robert and Constance’s first encounter on Lane’s blog.  Remember to leave a comment there for a chance to win a signed print copy of the book!  Here’s the link: http://lanemcfarland.com/blog/

Now, let’s enjoy Lane’s sixth snippet:

With worry for her brother heavy on her heart, Laird MacAndrew’s menacing demeanor infuriated her. She fingered the sharp blade hidden within the folds of her skirt. Her chin rose. “I am armed and wouldnae hesitate to defend myself.”

He advanced so close she discerned gray wisps in his otherwise dark beard and mustache. “Is that right?” A whiff of wine drifted off his breath.

Leave a comment for a chance to win an eBook of To Support a King, and follow along next week on Cathy MacRae’s blog: https://www.cathymacraeauthor.com/bits-n-bobs-author-blog

A little more about To Support a King:

Plagued by atrocities he committed against innocent victims while pursuing his father’s killers, Laird Mangus MacAndrew pledged to defend and provide for his clan. But his leadership is tested when two of his ships are attacked and his crews massacred. Desperate to fulfill his obligation to protect the clan, Mangus agrees to help reinstate The Turnberry Bond. His mission—garner support for the Bruce and avenge the deaths of his men.

The MacAndrew clan provides Catriona Butler something her Irish home could not, a safe haven. But when she receives a missive her brother is imprisoned and will be executed unless acceptable éraic can be obtained, she must return to her homeland. Mangus agrees to take Catriona to Ireland and vows she will not become a distraction, but he longs to be near her. Catriona witnesses Mangus’s fierce anger and grows distrustful. After a life of suffering her father’s vicious temper, she is skeptical of anyone with a penchant for violence. She attempts to keep her distance, but her traitorous heart pulls her in Mangus’s direction.

With the fate of the kingdom on his shoulders, will Mangus reunite the men of The Turnberry Bond? Can he pursue vengeance against his enemies without taking more innocent lives? And can Catriona free her brother and grow to trust Mangus, staying true to her heart?

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See you next Monday!