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The countdown has begun!  Only 4 weeks to go until The Stone Awakened, the sequel to The Cauldron Stirred, has its worldwide release.  I’m so excited to share the continuing story with you!  The holiday release date is perfect because a good portion of the book takes place during Christmastime.  Of course, I had to include a number of Irish yuletide traditions!

Have you read the first book yet?  Have you preordered your copy of the second?

Here’s a sneak peek at The Stone Awakened:

Thunder shook the night as the Dullahan’s black stallion reared beneath him on the sweeping lawn below. The horseman thrust his severed head toward the sky and called out the names of those he hunted.

“Dylan Donoghue! Maeve Donoghue!”

Powerless to stop him, I watched from the bedroom window. The glass panes infused my palms with the chill of death itself. Out of sight, my parents screamed, then fell silent. The sound of laughter followed.

Exultant. Spiteful. Malignant.

Aoife! The wind demon whose foul plot shattered my family with a single blow.

Hate and despair welled inside me. “No!”

“Ashling, wake up!” My sister shook me awake.

She switched on the lamp between our beds, and I scanned the room. The same sash windows as in the dream. The same luxurious décor in shades of periwinkle, white, and gray. Even my slippers beside the bed were the same. But the night was quiet, and there was no immediate danger.

Deirdre tucked her long, blonde hair behind her ears and gave me a knowing look. “Another nightmare about the Dullahan?”

Nodding, I wiped the sweat from my brow. “And Aoife.”

“Sounds almost as bad as my dream the night he took Mom and Dad.”

“We don’t know he took them.”

“We don’t know he didn’t.”

“They’re not dead!” Dread clutched my heart, and I pushed out a long breath to calm myself. “They can’t be.”

Preorder your copy here:

Amazon https://www.amzn.com/B07K4Y7QV6

Barnes and Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-stone-awakened-judith-sterling/1129823740

The Wild Rose Press https://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/all-titles/6385-the-stone-awakened.html

Hope you’ll join me and my characters for an Irish holiday!  And for everyone celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a great one!  🙂