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Happy Halloween!  I worked all day at The Witch House (a stylized picture of which is pictured above).  Now my husband and I are getting ready to take our kids trick-or-treating.  Things are hopping here in Salem!  When we get home, we’ll settle down in front of the TV to watch the live Ghost Adventures event hosted by Josh Gates on The Travel Channel.  Should be a fun night!

If you read my recent post about the paranormal activity at The Witch House, here’s a quick update.  One of the bed warmers circled again yesterday.  Then today, the bed warmer in the other bedroom started circling.  I wonder what Margaret–and any other spirits who are hanging around–think of all the tourists who’ve filtered through The House during the past month.  We’ve been super busy!

The Boston TV show Chronicle interviewed me earlier this month regarding the supernatural happenings at The Witch House.  Here’s the link to watch it:


Of course, I figured out who was contacting me via the bed warmers after the interview occurred.

Well, it’s time to trick-or-treat.  Wishing you a fun and safe Halloween night!