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Welcome back to Medieval Monday! I’m pleased to have Ceci Giltenan with me today, and I’m featuring her romance, A Wee Highland Predicament: Duncurra Legacy Novel.

If you’re following my excerpt from Shadow of the Swan, you can find the ninth snippet of Robert and Constance’s unconventional wedding night on Cecii’s website: www.cecigiltenan.com

Now, let’s check out Ceci’s ninth snippet:

“Well thank ye, Lucas Macrae, for saving me from that lot.”

“’Twas my pleasure. But how did they manage to capture ye anyway?”

She remained silent.

“Ailsa, I asked ye a question? How did ye end up as a prisoner of the Galbraiths?”

“That isn’t important. Ye need to take me back to Edinburgh now.”

“Nay, lass. There were six of them and only one of me. If we run into them again, I couldn’t keep ye safe.”


“Nay, no buts. I’ll not argue with ye about it. We’re going north.”

“Fine. Take me to the nearest village. Ye can leave me there and I’ll find someone else to take me back to Edinburgh.”

“Ye’re a bossy wee thing aren’t ye?”

Follow along next week on Sherry Ewing’s website: https://sherryewing.com/blog/. Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win an e-copy of A Wee Highland Predicament or another e-book of your choice by Ceci Giltenan.

A wee bit more about A Wee Highland Predicament:

Sometimes a bad boy can be a good man.

Lucas Grant’s brother is going to be furious. Lucas was supposed to secure a betrothal with a wealthy heiress to save his clan from financial ruin. After meeting her, he cannot marry the detestable woman.

As he flees Edinburgh to escape her, he happens upon six men who are holding a lovely Highland lass captive. He can’t just leave her to whatever fate awaits, so he rescues her.

Well, perhaps rescue isn’t the right word…

When he learns the feisty lass he stumbled upon is Ailsa MacLennan, he sees another way to help his clan. He’s going to hold her for ransom.

But when she steals his heart, what will the ransom be?

Buy the book:

Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0799T7KB3
Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0799T7KB3
Amazon Canada https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0799T7KB3
Amazon Australia https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0799T7KB3

See you next Monday!