Hi!  I’m Judith Marshall.  My love of writing and passion for the paranormal infuse everything I do.  I currently have two books published by Llewellyn Worldwide.  Click on My Books to learn more.Celtic Judith


14 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Darcy Jones said:

    I heard you on the radio!!! It was VERY interesting….love you! Darce xo

  2. Lonnie Hall said:

    With your book, Past lives Present Stories I have yet to read but was wondering if it analyzes the perspective of a past life projecting on your current life negative or positive?

    • Hi, Lonnie! Yes, my book does touch on that. I give several examples of issues/events from my past lives affecting my present one. If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

  3. AM reading your book Past Lives Present Stories and it is an interesting read, can relate to the information you provide. Had question, in my last home, I was awoken from deep sleep by angry voice telling me, “I hate you girl more and more every day” . The tone was very gruff and thought I had heard maybe a Spanish accent. I was not sure who it could be. I have not heard this voice since, but I guess was hoping you may have little insight into this. I too am living in Florida.

    • Hi, Dianne. I’m glad you’re enjoying my book and can relate to it. Regarding the voice you heard, I’m glad you heard it only once! It could’ve been part of a dream, or I suppose it could’ve been a ghost flexing its negativity. Trust your gut; you’re the best judge as to who or what it was. Thank you for reading my book. Take care and best wishes!

  4. I have been going to town on the subject of spiritism at my local book store. I tragically lost my Mother a year ago at the age of 45. Missing mom has lead me to this path. I bought the whole Sylvia Browne collection from a like minded friend. I have been practicing tarot cards the last couple of months reading myself as well as one other person that went very well. With my Christian up bringing I never considered reincarnation as a reality until having my mind opened to the metaphysical world by reading a couple books by John Edward on spirit mediumship. I felt compelled to purchase your book as I scanned the new age book section at the book store. I put another book on hold and read your book all the way through. I felt connected to your book more than any other book. I live in Wisconsin and my father is a quarter native american and my great grand father guarded Rudolph Hess when he served during world war two. I never truly appreciated history until I matured spiritually in my early 20’s. I feel deep connections with people recorded in religious text. I have always been intrigued with buddah and have always had a figure of him in my home. I love fireworks. The art, the magic, the thrill, the smell you get the point. I love Chinese food and maybe this is a past life connection. My son and I are restless and toss and turn a lot at night. I am a active nightly dreamer. Just wish I could project or have lucid dreams. I believe my son who just turned 4 is the same way. I feel him and can just be by each other and our souls talk! This is all new to me being open to this subject and your book has helped validate a lot of things for me! Is there any advice you can give me further on my search? Thanks for such an insightful book! Your years of research in this life has blessed thousands including myself! Keep up the great work!

    • Hi, Michael. Thank you so much for your kind words about my book. I’m glad you felt compelled to read it and grateful you connected to it in such a profound way. It sounds like you’re on quite a spiritual journey yourself, and your relationship with your son sounds beautiful. I’m not sure what advice I can give other than to stay aware and open to everything that comes your way. And if there’s a particular period of Chinese history you feel drawn to, read up on it and see if you gain further insight. If you haven’t already, you might also read about Buddha’s life and see if any connections pop up there. Thanks again for reading my book. Blessings to you!

    • I can’t find a picture of you anywhere. Could you help us with that? Positive thoughts and blessings your way!

  5. Hi, Judith!

    I just started reading Past Lives Present Stories. I am currently enrolled in a mentorship course to do past-life & Akashic Records readings.

    My birthday is April 30 too! I thought it was cool that you also made the connection of being born on Beltane. I always thought that my birthday, and the fact that my ancestry is strongly Celtic, meant something. It was affirming to read in your book as well. I love synchronicities.

  6. Hi, Judith!
    First of all I just want to say thank you! I’ve been reading Past Lives Present Stories and it’s been really helping me calm my mind with all the hectic craziness I’ve been dealing with lately. On another note, your explanation of random extreme interests being connected to past lives is really interesting to me. I have had a strong interest in geishas and Japan since I was young. It kinda came out of nowhere I remember when I saw a Halloween costume in the store as a kid. It sparked in me. Ever since I’ve felt a love for it. My fondness for geisha history has grown stronger as I’ve gotten older. Im looking forward to finding out if that was a possibility. Thank you so much for opening this part of my mind and soul!

    • Hi, Kyli! I’m so glad the book is helping you. My greatest wish is for my writing to touch people in positive ways, so you made my day with your comments! It definitely sounds like you have a connection to geishas. Good luck with your research, and I hope the “craziness” you’re dealing with resolves itself soon. Take care.

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